Sentinels of Illyria


A few months after the events in Corinwall, the heroes find themselves on a job with Rayne in a settlement several days from Anthea’s home city. The four help down take down a group of trolls that have been preying on the settlement. Shortly after, Captain Rayne informs Anthea, Barden, and Zoran that she is returning to Capital. The captain gives the three free leave and they decide to visit Anthea’s home in Moonhaven nearby.

Anthea, Barden, and Zoran arrive at the borders of The Moonbark, the forest that surrounds Moonhaven, to find it unnaturally covered in heavy snows and frigid temperatures. The three fight there way through bloodthirsty Yetis and make it to Moonhaven.

Anthea, Barden, and Zoran stay at the Hightide estate and Anthea reunites with her mother, Anariel, and her younger sister, Phaedra. The three heroes all get a moment of respite before they head out to investigate strange surges of light that they noticed in the Moonbark. Accompanied by Tarathiel, the elven captain of the city guard, Anthea, Barden, and Zoran fight through more Yetis and find a rift to another plane.

Anthea, Barden, and Zoran go into the rift and end up in the frostfell. They investigate a nearby tower and find dead frost giants along with strange human warriors wearing uniform bird-like attire and armor.


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