Sentinels of Illyria

Beginnings/Demon Incursion

Anthea, Barden, and Zoran joined the sentinels for various reason and began their training at a fortress in the far north. Under the tutelage of senior training officer Darwine Elwine and his mute halfling companion named Figgus, they would undergo months of training. Many shenanigans of using Figgus in their training would follow. Finally, they were given their first assignment in which they investigated some missing citizens from a local town. Eventually they rescued some of the citizens and one young child named, Theresa from ice beasts that were manifesting from an ancient crystal in a nearby cave. The girl dressed her doll up in a likeness of Anthea and everyone was thankful for the three heroes.

Upon returning to the fortress, the heroes found it had fallen under attack by hobgoblins led by a demoneness who called herself “Lady Pain.” A dozen sentinels came to the heroes aid right in time. The Demoness was chased away and the enemies were defeated but Darwin Elwine had already fallen in combat. They also found the remains of The heroes met Captain Rayne, the steely and incredibly deadly swordswoman who was the leader of the Sentinels. They also met Lieutenant Roghar, a dragonborn warrior who was her second in command. So the the heroes hit the road with the other sentinels for some time and traveled south before they got their next assignment.

The three heroes were sent to the bustling harbor city of Petra Port where they were investigating murders against members that worked for a wealthy nobleman named Braccus Greythorn. After getting some help from help a seedy, spunky half-elf named Noir, the heroes found the culprit while putting an end to some violent mercenaries who may have been thrown into spider webs in an abandoned warehouse after they were defeated.

The young sentinels discovered that the man responsible was a warrior named Lonquo Dorem, who was only trying to rescue his sister, Radella, from the Greythorns. After narrowly winning a deadly showdown with Braccus’s men and his pet cockatrice, the heroes uncovered the Greythorn’s were running an illegal slave trading operation. The heroes, with Radella and Lonquo in tow, had to flee from the powerful house and its allies on Noir’s boat called the Seawolf. The vessel packed more punch than anyone realized and destroyed the main Greythorn warship thanks to its magic wolf head cannon.

So the Sentinels returned to the capital city of Corinwall with their new friends and went to the sentinel headquarters. They presented the evidence of the slave trading to Captain Rayne. She quickly departed with a group of sentinels and legion soldiers to bring the evildoers in Petra to justice.

While Rayne was away, the heroes were left to enjoy some leisure time in the great city of Corinwall. Unfortunately that time was short lived when the magic district that hovers high above the city fell under attack. The sentinels were called into action but many of them including Roghar, were killed in a planned sabatoge on one of the many flying magic transports. Desperate to aid the magic district, the three heroes and Noir found a very old flying device that and managed to operate it well enough to reach the floating magic quarter. They landed and fought their way to the Temple where the apparent target of the attack was centered. The three heroes battled to the center chamber with a final showdown with the demoness creature who called herself Lady Pain. The heroes defeated her and foiled her plans to complete a very powerful ritual that would have created a rift into the abyss unleashing a host of powerful demons that would have taken the heart of Illyria. Anthea, Barden, and Zoran were all honored for their bravery afterwards.


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